API FONDYVersion 1.0

Delayed payments (customer re-pays payment without new payment request)

Payment conversion

The most common decline reasons for payments by card are:

  1. insufficient funds
  2. invalid card details (cvv2, expiry date, card number)
  3. internet payments are not allowed for the card or internet limit is low
  4. issuing bank declined payment by other reasons
  5. FONDY/bank antifraud system declined payment

In cases 1-3 customer usually can solve the issue promptly enough contacting bank support to: clarify correct expiry date, CVV2, recharge card, increase limit. Therefore, to allow the customer to retry without re-creating the order parameter delayed is added in the protocol .

Delayed order

Using delayed payment allows to increase the proportion of successfully paid orders by conversion of rejected and not complete payments into successful ones.

Delayed order is different from the usual because customer may try to pay it many times, until order lifetime expires. In this case merchant will receive response to response_url and server_callback_url as many times as he tries to pay.

Indication that the order has not been completed, will be returned parameter order_status=processing or order_status=created.

Staus declined in case of delayed order will never be returned.

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