API FONDYVersion 1.0

Response codes

CodeTextDescription of the possible reasonWhere client can solve the problem
1000General declineThe cause of the error is unknown, detailed analysis is needed, contact the support serviceFONDY
1002Application errorThe cause of the error is unknown, the detailed analysis is needed, contact the support serviceFONDY
1003Invalid CVV2 codeIncorrect CVV2 code. In some cases, you can get this error if the validity period of card was incorrectissuing bank
1004Do not honorThe card is blocked, the status was set, or it’s closed for online paymentsissuing bank
1005Invalid formatInvalid data format. Probable cause is too small payment amountissuing bank
1006Merchant is not configured correctlyMerchant settings on the side of FONDY are not correctFONDY
1007Parameter `{param_name}` is incorrectOne or more of the received parameters have an incorrect format, size or an invalid valuemerchant
1009Parameter `{param_name}` is emptyOne or more of the received parameters are emptymerchant
1010Request Is emptySubmitted request is emptymerchant
1011Parameter `{param_name}` is missingOne or more required parameters are not sentmerchant
1012Currency `{currency}` is not available for this merchant `1396424`The merchant uses a currency that is not allowed or not configured on the FONDY sidemerchant
1013Duplicate order `{order_id}` for merchant `1396424`The passed parameter order_id is not unique for this merchantmerchant
1014Invalid signatureThe signature generated by the merchant in the request is not correctmerchant
1015Invalid card numberIncorrect card numberissuing bank
1016Merchant `1396424` not foundMerchant is not registeredFONDY
1017No available payment systemsMerchant is not allowed to use any of the payment methods that were sent in the requestFONDY
1018Order `{order_id}` not foundError is returned when requesting order status or reverse if no order is foundFONDY
1019Order `{order_id}` already has been completedWas made an attempt to pay the expired ordermerchant
1021Unsupported Content-Type `{content_type}`When requesting a FONDY server, a non-HTTP header of Content-Typemerchant
1023Invalid amountIncorrect amountmerchant
10243DSecure authentication failed3DSecure password verification errorissuing bank
1025Invalid card expiry dateInvalid card validity periodissuing bank
1026Only redirect method allowedThe protocol used by the merchant is not allowedmerchant
1027Preauth not allowedPreauthorization is not availableFONDY
1028Custom design not foundCustom design not foundmerchant
1034Please do not use symbol `{separator}` in parametersThe separator character can not be used in request parametersmerchant
1035Token not foundAn attempt to charge the client card by it’s token is unsuccessful. The token may have expired, or an invalid value has been usedmerchant
1036Invoice is paidInvoice is paidmerchant
1037Decline, not sufficient fundsDecline, not sufficient fundsmerchant
1040Transaction amount exceeds card internet limitTransaction amount exceeds card internet limitmerchant
1041Card is in black listCard is in black listFONDY
1042Stolen cardStolen cardmerchant
1043Restricted CardRestricted Cardmerchant
1044Lost cardLost cardmerchant
1045Card is blocked by acquirer bankCard is blocked by acquirer bankFONDY
1046Request contains non utf-8 symbolRequest contains non utf-8 symbolmerchant
1047Card exceeds withdrawal frequency limitCard exceeds withdrawal frequency limitmerchant
1048Card exceeds withdrawal amount limitCard exceeds withdrawal amount limitmerchant
1049Unknown payment system errorUnknown payment system errorFONDY
1051Declined by antifraudDeclined by antifraudFONDY
1052Order has expiredOrder has expiredmerchant
10533DSecure card verification failed. Directory server or issuer not available.3DSecure card verification failed. Directory server or issuer not available.merchant
1054Session expiredSession expiredmerchant
1055P2P limit exceededP2P limit exceededFONDY
1057Sender card declined by issuerSender card declined by issuer (is blocked)merchant
1058Receiver card declined by issuerReceiver card declined by issuer (is blocked)merchant
1059Transaction with rectoken not allowed for merchantTransaction with rectoken not allowed for merchantFONDY
1060Recurring transaction not allowed for merchantRecurring transaction not allowed for merchantFONDY
1061PIN tries exceededPIN tries exceededmerchant
1062Not permitted to merchantTransaction is not permitted to merchantFONDY
1063Not permitted to clientTransaction is not permitted to clientmerchant
1064Call your bankCall your bankmerchant
1065Invalid transactionThe transaction was rejected by the issuer bankmerchant
1066System malfunctionSystem failure of acquirer bankFONDY
1067Incorrect PINIncorrect PINmerchant
1068Format errorData format errormerchant
1069Reverse not allowed. Turnover is not enough.Reverse not allowed. Turnover is not enough.FONDY
1070Transaction is routed to another terminalTransaction is routed to another terminalFONDY
1072Recurring chain declinedRecurring chain declinedmerchant
10733DSecure is mandatory for Maestro cards3DSecure is mandatory for Maestro cardsmerchant
1074P2P credit allowed only by rectokenP2P credit allowed only by rectokenFONDY
1078Token deactivated by bankToken deactivated by bankFONDY
10753DSecure is mandatory3DSecure is mandatorymerchant
1079Card is blocked by issuing bankCard is blocked by issuing bankmerchant
1076An error occurred while processing your payment. Invalid IBAN. Check the IBAN you entered, or use another IBANAn error occurred while processing your payment. Invalid IBAN. Check the IBAN you entered, or use another IBANmerchant
1080Decline, exceeds receiving card count limitDecline, exceeds receiving card count limitmerchant
1077Merchant is not activated yet. Only test IBAN allowedMerchant is not activated yet. Only test IBAN allowedFONDY
1081Insufficient funds on balance (p2p credit)Insufficient funds on balance (p2p credit)FONDY
1082Token has expiredToken has expiredmerchant
1083Decline, exceeds receiving card amount limitDecline, exceeds receiving card amount limitmerchant
1087Terminal closed by acquiring bankTerminal blocked by acquiring bankFONDY
1086Transaction already finishedTransaction already finishedmerchant
1084Only full refund allowedOnly full refund allowedFONDY
1088Lookup code attempts limit exceededLookup code attempts limit exceededFONDY
1089Acquiring bank request timeoutAcquiring bank request timeoutmerchant
1090P2P card credit not allowed for this countryP2P card credit not allowed for this countryFONDY
1091Card not enrolled. Lookup requiredLookup for p2p transfer is requiredFONDY
1092Invalid phone numberPhone number, provided by the customer is not valid
1096Invalid E-mailEmail, provided by the customer is not valid
1097Decline, refer to card issuerIssuing bank declined transactionissuing bank
1098SEPA: The customer’s payment is accepted, but then canceled before collection.merchant
1099P2P credit is not available for this IP addressMerchant need to provide servers IP list to FONDY supportFONDY
1100Operation not allowedThis type of API operation is not allowed to merchant. Please contact FONDY supportFONDY
1102Antifraud decline. Prepaid cards are blockedPrepaid cards are limited prior agreement with the merchantmerchant
1103Receipt createdPayment by receipt method. A receipt has been generated for the customer and payment is expected through the bank account.merchant
1104Country not allowed by bank-acquirerThe acquiring bank has limited certain countriesFONDY
1105Antifraud decline. Only full 3D-Secure allowed.Only payments with full 3D-Secure authentication are allowedFONDY
1106Split error. Split payments not allowed for merchant.Splitting API not activated for this merchantmerchant
1107Split error. Settlement merchants have another company.An attempt to split the payment with an incorrect recipientmerchant
1108Split error. Merchants in purchase and reverse do not match.An error occurred while trying to make a reverse on a split payment. The merchant_id specified in the reverse does not match the merchant_id that was involved in the splitting of the original purchasemerchant
1109Order already captured with different amountAttempt to re-capture on a partialy-completed purchasemerchant
1111Your card is not supported. Please use card of {extended}The card of this payment system is not supportedFONDY
1114Settlement not allowed until order is capturedBefore splitting the pre-authorization payment, it must be completed (perform the capture operation)merchant
1115Pick up card (no fraud)The issuing bank requests the card pick up, but the claim is not fraudulent
1116Pick up card, special condition (fraud account)The issuing bank requests the card pick up, the claim is related to the fact of fraud or compromiseFONDY
1117Security violationOperations with this card are limited by the issuing bank
1120Splitting amount does not correspond to purchase or capture amountAn attempt to split a payment into an amount that differs from the original payment, or a capture operationFONDY
1122Connection closed unexpectedlyTechnical error while connecting the acquiring bankFONDY
1123Acquiring bank request timeout. Transaction reversed.Timeout of connection with the acquiring bank. The technical reverse of the operation has been performedFONDY
1125Maestro cards are not allowedMaestro cards are limited to acceptFONDY

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